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Cougar Corner
I created a show entitled "I AM COUGAR," and in the process I developed an awareness of the need for women to get connected with their "inner cougar!"  I am not talking about chasing guys, I'm talking about becoming aware of our inherent nature.  And I offer this "mantra" as a reminder:

The Importance of Failure:  One's willingness to fail must be greater than one's desire to succeed.
We have been taught that "failure" is bad.  And for the most part, what we deem "bad" seems to carry more weight than what we deem "good."  However, until we take the chance to fail, we can't get to the next step -- literally!  Consider the process of learning how to walk when we are infants:  we fall (fail!) many, many times before we succeed.  We don't let our rational brains get in the way and tell us we can't be successful in this new endeavor called "walking."  We just go at it over and over and over until we succeed.  And once that is done, we go after something else.  We meet success after repeatedly failing.  This method works for us until we reach a certain age and start letting our brain (which lies to us a lot!) tell us -- sometimes before we even get started -- that we will fail and not to continue in the chosen endeavor.  I say STOP listening to that part of your brain and give credit to your successful experience of learning to walk, talk, eat, etc.  Remember:  FAILURE IS THE STARTING POINT OF SUCCESS!  
 Murphy's Law + One
  • Nothing is as easy as it looks
  • Everything takes longer than you think
  • If anything can go wrong, it will

More to come...