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My Story
My interest in singing began fairly early. I was quiet and easily intimidated; I believed in fantasies.  I dreamed of being discovered like the little girl in a movie I saw, who was singing from a window.  I hadn’t quite grasped that it wasn’t real.  Mostly I sang in private.
When I was nine, my uncle enlisted me to perform at a family-oriented venue in Hanover, PA.  He taught me a song called Jamaica Farewell.  On performance day, I was there in front of the musicians ready to sing.  I sang a few bars and then I froze.  My uncle tried to help me along by singing the words, but I didn’t budge.
Over the years I went from singing in secret to taking the chance to enter talent shows and sing at public events.  Eventually I came to realize that singing was a very important part of my life, the one thing that sparks a flame in my soul.  Through it all, I have fallen, I have cried, I have taken detours, but I continue on my path.  And here I am!  I have allowed my soul to open, I stand straight and tall and continue to remind myself that all it takes is faith in God and a belief in myself!